Devotionals and Journaling

I find enormous inspiration, comfort and encouragement in devotionals, especially when I feel overwhelmed. I read several devotionals, and it is awesome how often I get exactly what I need to near, exactly when I need to hear it.  But unlike purely inspirational quotes, devotionals help us get closer to God by helping us get more in touch with our feelings and our nature. Devotionals bridge the gap between real life and scriptures by showing how scriptures apply to our lives, and help us to see God working in and around us every day.
Inspiration, and God’s word for that matter, don’t hit is over the head. We have to seek them, reflect on our lives  and our needs, and then wait and listen. As a teacher I know those are the 2 toughest things to do.  How can we wait and listen when our lives go so fast…  and when we have to manage our lives and the lives of our children and Families?
I read several devotionals, so  I can usually find one that really hits me on any given day, but sometimes nothing speaks to me and my life. These are the days where I re-read those devotions I found non-applicable more closely… to see if I’ve got a blind spot in my own life.  We really need to meet our own needs to be able to help others.  And as I have learned to slow down,  my heart has become much more open.
I am a work in progress, and journaling helps me document where I started, so that someday I’ll know how I got there.  As I embark on a new venture, helping others to learn, grow and heal through writing, I will continue to post here.  Enjoy!  God bless.
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