Prayers and Praise for Joran and her family

Prayers for Joran

Please continue to offer prayers for Joran and her family.  Joran is making progress, but caring for her is an around-the-clock job.  PRAISE: Joran recently had her tracheotomy removed, so she is at less risk for infection.  PRAISE:  The family was recently able to trade their car in for a Handicapped-Accessible Van.  PRAYERS:  While the van is a blessing because relying on PalmTran had been difficult, the first month with the van hasn’t gone smoothly.  Kay and Joran were stranded when the lift stuck with Joran in midair; the alternator had to be replaced and the lift needed to be serviced; and a few weeks ago the van was broken into, and the thief stole the one thing that’s been bringing the family a little happiness on van rides: the stereo.  PRAISE: Joran is speaking, her color is good, and she is eating some blended food by mouth.  PRAISE: With all she has on her plate, Kay is still helping other caregivers with her tips, tricks and recipes.  And inspiring all with her faith, hope, and love.  God Bless.

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