Smiling Through the Tears: Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a wonderful day for me because I was with my two beautiful daughters, but it is always bittersweet because my mom wasn’t here to share it with us.  It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 25 years since I’ve been able to wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day.  I still miss her as much as ever, and while I know my mom is smiling down on us all from Heaven, I wish she could have been able to meet her two beautiful granddaughters and her grandson, and that she could have shared that experience with HER mom.

I was devastated when I lost my mom when I was 17.  I always told myself it would be easier if only I’d had more time to say goodbye.  But it was no easier when my dad died five years ago after a long battle with cancer.  I was 37 years old, and for the first time in my life I felt truly alone, feelings which were intensified because I had just gone through my divorce with no family nearby.  In addition to grieving for my dad, I felt a very real shock having lost both of my parents.  A friend who was consoling me pointed out that I was so young to have lost both parents, and she referred to me as an orphan, which really made me think…  if I felt that lost and alone at 37, I could only imagine how orphaned children must feel!

Immediately after having that thought, I felt some of my mom’s and my grandmother’s imparted wisdom and God’s comforting presence kick in, reminding me that while I might feel like an orphan without my parents, as a Child of God, I’m never alone.  I prayed that my fellow orphans would be comforted by knowing that even if their earthly parents aren’t with them, their Heavenly Father will always be there for them.

This Mother’s Day, I pray for orphans, for those who have lost loved ones, and especially for those who have lost children, because holidays are especially tough for those who are struggling with loss.  And I know my mom was smiling through the tears, because even though she only had a short time here on earth, she still managed to give me enough of her wisdom to allow me to seek God for myself.  And I bet that she and Nana had a beautiful view of the festivities.  Thanks, Mom and Nana.  Happy Mother’s Day.  XOXO

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