Thanks, skywriter…

Wow.  I’ve seen skywriting before and paid little attention, but for some reason, all I could think as I saw this develop in the South Florida skies last Friday morning is WOW.   And then I thought some more…  What perseverance it must have taken to acquire the skills necessary to make this creation!  This is truly an example of someone using their time, money and talents to serve God, and to make the world a better place.  Perhaps there was a time when the skywriter looked up to the heavens for guidance.  Perhaps this is meant to help us remember where to look for help when we are lost.  It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday activities of life and lose sight of the big picture.

No sooner had the last letter been drawn than the first ones really began to fade away back into the blue sky.  While this beautiful masterpiece can’t be preserved like artwork on a ceiling, judging by how beautifully it was done, this wasn’t the first time it appeared and it hopefully won’t be the last.  While we can’t all do skywriting, we can all do Something.  Whatever we are able to do, no matter how big or how small, can make a difference.  Sometimes all we have to do is look up for guidance and direction.

I’ll be looking upwards more from now on, looking for your artwork and imagining what contributions I can make. Thanks, skywriter, for this important reminder and inspiration.  God bless you.

Kids say the DARNEDEST things…

If you’ve ever spent time around children, you know that kids say some of the darnedest things.  And if you’re an outspoken person yourself, chances are you’ve been told a thing or two that YOU have said that made people laugh, cry, or somewhere in between.

But a little girl did an amazing job telling the Story of Jonah.  She did such an amazing job, in fact, that it was posted on YouTube with the title “The Story of Jonah as Told by The Cutest Little Girl.”

As a certified English teacher I can tell you it’s not generally proper to capitalize The in a title.  But YouTube makes its own rules, and in this case it really could have been “THE Cutest Little Girl.”

She obviously hasn’t learned to be afraid of public speaking, and we can all be grateful for that.  Maybe she’s reading already, but she doesn’t seem to be reading here.  She was simply telling a story she knew well, and believed in, and when she needed the words, they were there.  She was truly, Divinely, inspired.

This video reinforces something we already know.  Kids pick up what they hear, and even when you think they’re not listening, they are.  And they can surprise you, and inspire you, at any moment.   So charge those camcorder batteries now because the holidays are HERE.  Happy Holidays!  Enjoy!