Happy Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for my friends and family, for my health, and for inspiration all around me.  When I see what others are able to do with God’s help, it inspires me and humbles me and renews my faith.

I am so amazed to see how much progress Joran is making!!  Not too long ago, she had a tracheotomy tube.  Now she’s doing physical therapy and even eating solid food by mouth.  Her family hasn’t taken no for an answer when they were told she wouldn’t get better.  Joran is getting better every day!!  There’s no telling how many little steps it will take and when she will plateau, but just having the trach out is a huge blessing for her and the family.  Maybe the feeding tube will be the next to go?

Joran may never run a marathon.   Then again, she might surprise us all.  And she actually IS running a marathon of sorts.  If she can improve enough to support her own weight hopefully she won’t need the Hoyer lift forever.  Imagine being picked up and swung in the air by a machine just to go from bed to a wheelchair.  It’s amazing to think how many baby steps it took to get this far, and she and her family haven’t quit yet and they don’t intend to.  I feel so honored to witness such an inspirational scene unfolding before my eyes and so privileged to help in any way I can.  Please keep Joran and the family in your prayers as she starts intensive physical therapy.  Please pray for her and the family to have the strength they need to keep going.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Count your blessings!  God Bless.