As many of you know, my friend’s daughter Joran was in a horrific accident in March 2010, and since that time Katheryn has been caring for Joran as best she can, at home for the most part, rather than putting Joran in a nursing home.  I’ve been one of many friends and neighbors helping the family, and we have all been witnesses to Joran’s incredible story, an amazing testimony to the power of prayer, faith, hope, and love.  I feel blessed to be able to help this amazing family in any way I can.  Please visit www.HopeForJoran.org for continuing updates, photos, and inspiring videos as Joran continues on her amazing journey to recovery.  Now that the website is live, I’ve renamed this category “HopeForJoran.org” and although most new posts will go to the website, I will continue to post short updates here because Joran and her family are such an incredible inspiration to all who meet them.  If you are able to help the family in any way, please use the contact form on the website.  Please continue to keep Joran and her amazing family and friends in your prayers.  God bless!