Hope For Joran Bowling Fundraiser

A miracle is happening right here in Boynton Beach.  Joran is making amazing strides in her recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury.  She has come a long way, and she still has a long way to go…  Please come out and support Joran and her amazing family next Sunday at AMF Boynton Beach Lanes!!  Read her inspiring story at www.HopeForJoran.org

We will be selling tickets and accepting donations this Sunday at Faith United Methodist Church, after the first and second services.

Thank you and God bless.


Relinquishing the Fantasy

Relinquish the Fantasy of an Uncluttered World

Today’s Jesus Calling devotion advises us to learn to ” live above your circumstances, even while interacting on that cluttered plane of life. You yearn for a simplified lifestyle, so that your communication with Me can be uninterrupted. But I challenge you to relinquish the fantasy of an uncluttered world. Accept each day just as it comes, and find Me in the midst of it all.”


Prayer Journal entry:

I am worse than most when it comes to clutter.

My clutter is extensive:  I have always had more than my share of physical clutter and I also have a ton  of mental and emotional clutter.  How liberating to know I am not alone!!!!!

I often feel overwhelmed by mail, papers, laundry and kids toys. Yes I am a mom but I can’t blame the girls. I come from a long line of pack rats.
I used to think it ran in the family and that It skips a generation, and skips two  occasionally.  My grandmother recycled every piece of gift wrap or  tissue paper and every bag or box she received. But I am like my mom in that while  it skipped a generation in her work life, home is more than fair game.

I realize now that it’s a sign that I am in touch with the reality of this world.  It’s  God’s way of showing me the need to slow down, breathe, relax, tell Him my troubles, and wait for His answers which will come, but in His time. He wants us to live in today, cluttered as it is,…  So clearing up yesterday’s clutter helps me have discipline to avoid creating more clutter. And with my degree of clutter it will take some time to dig out, so I thank God for the clutter because it’s such a great thorn in the side, i.e., motivator. How’s that for Him using my weaknesses to prosper me?

As I turn to the task of clearing ALL of my clutter, all I can do is Praise God. And take it one day at a time. 🙂

Devotionals and Journaling

I find enormous inspiration, comfort and encouragement in devotionals, especially when I feel overwhelmed. I read several devotionals, and it is awesome how often I get exactly what I need to near, exactly when I need to hear it.  But unlike purely inspirational quotes, devotionals help us get closer to God by helping us get more in touch with our feelings and our nature. Devotionals bridge the gap between real life and scriptures by showing how scriptures apply to our lives, and help us to see God working in and around us every day.
Inspiration, and God’s word for that matter, don’t hit is over the head. We have to seek them, reflect on our lives  and our needs, and then wait and listen. As a teacher I know those are the 2 toughest things to do.  How can we wait and listen when our lives go so fast…  and when we have to manage our lives and the lives of our children and Families?
I read several devotionals, so  I can usually find one that really hits me on any given day, but sometimes nothing speaks to me and my life. These are the days where I re-read those devotions I found non-applicable more closely… to see if I’ve got a blind spot in my own life.  We really need to meet our own needs to be able to help others.  And as I have learned to slow down,  my heart has become much more open.
I am a work in progress, and journaling helps me document where I started, so that someday I’ll know how I got there.  As I embark on a new venture, helping others to learn, grow and heal through writing, I will continue to post here.  Enjoy!  God bless.