Combat CHARLIE with EDUCATION from a great Facebook post, and PRAYER

If you haven’t heard about the Charlie Charlie game going around on the internet, sit up and pay attention. THIS IS SCARY STUFF. FOR REAL.  Any Pastor, Priest or Rabbi will tell you that Ouija boards and the occult are NOT something you should fiddle around with.  Movies may make things look fun and harmless, and that’s one of the biggest dangers of the Internet- this is catching on because kids pass it around.  The videos seem harmless, often seem funny and most people have access to a phone so they are so accessible.    IF YOU’VE PARTICIPATED IN THIS, OR IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO HAVE, I URGE YOU TO PRAY.  I’m including a prayer and some scriptures here to get you started.

Internet-Safety Prayer

Here is an excellent analysis by Matt Walsh, who writes for  Look for him on Facebook (this post was featured on his Facebook page) or follow Matt Walsh at

“I’ve seen this floating around, and want to add a quick note about it. Apparently, some kids have devised (or picked up from somewhere) a new makeshift version of the Ouija board. In this “game,” they make a cross with two pencils and attempt to summon a demon named “Charlie.” The “game” has become a viral sensation, and I’ve seen many people on my Facebook and Twitter having a grand old time with it. Even many Christians, from what I’ve seen, have laughed about it, or at it, and treated it like some silly bit of child’s play.

To those who want to deny the metaphysical and spiritual realities of existence, what I’m about to say will sound superstitious. But it isn’t. A superstitious person sees objects, numbers, and rituals as somehow powerful all by themselves. If I were superstitious about this game, I would believe, I guess, that the pencils have some kind of magical power on their own.

That’s not what I think. It’s not about the pencils. It’s not superstition. But I will tell you that if your kids are playing this game, you need to have a very serious chat with them. It’s not “silly” or “stupid.” It’s dangerous.

Demons exist. Evil forces are at work in our world. This is a fact. As a Christian, you have to believe this or you are not a Christian. To deny it is to deny Scripture and to deny Christ’s saving work on the Cross. Demons are real. Possession is real. It’s scary, it’s horrible, it’s terrifying, but it’s the reality.

When you play “games” like this, you are explicitly inviting them in. You might think it’s funny, but as humans we do actually have supernatural abilities. We can participate in things beyond our physical nature. On the good side, this is what happens when we pray. On the very bad side, this is what happens when we mess around with demonic “games,” or witchcraft, or fortune telling, or whatever else. We are attempting to harness something that we don’t understand, and don’t want to understand.

“The Exorcist” was based on a true story of a boy who was possessed after playing with a Ouija board. There have been, in fact, many documented cases of this kind of thing, where possessed people have levitated, exhibited superhuman strength, spoken in dead languages, etc. These have been documented, filmed, and witnessed by impartial observers. In every case, the possessed person invited the possession somehow, often through tinkering with these sorts of demonic experiments.

There are things happening out there that science can’t explain, no matter how hard it tries.So, seriously, leave this stuff alone. Satan wants to eat you alive and condemn you to an eternity of torment, not play a fun game with you so you can put it on YouTube. OK?
OK.  Thanks.”

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Memorial Day 2015: THANK YOU, VETERANS!!!

Star Spangled Banner Forever WP photo

MEMORIAL DAY 2015: THANK YOU, Veterans!!!
These two little words are so important! As children we were taught to say “please” and “thank you” as a matter of courtesy- but “thank you” is the more important of the two because it offers gratitude, rather than an introduction for making a request.

But how do you thank someone when words are completely inadequate?

How do you thank someone you don’t even know?

How can we truly thank our Veterans for protecting us, for saving our lives, for saving the lives of our children and families? How can we thank our Veterans and their families for their sacrifices?

Well, we were also taught as children that actions speak louder than words, so here goes…

You may have seen this question posed on social media:


As an American who is so grateful to live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, my answer is YES, OF COURSE! And what better way to thank our Veterans and their families than to take up this fight at home?

The National Anthem pays tribute to our country and honors our Veterans. Let’s answer that question with a loud and clear, “YES, THE NATIONAL ANTHEM SHOULD BE SUNG AT EVERY GAME.”

If you agree that the National Anthem should be sung at every game, please LIKE this page on Facebook, and SHARE with friends and family.