Happy Father’s Day: Precious Memories

This picture must have been taken sometime in late 1973 or early 1974, because my little sister was REALLY little… I can still remember marveling that she could grip my hand so tightly with such tiny little fingers.

Memories are so precious, even more precious than photos because of our memories’ endless storage capacity and the ability to store the little details that make all the difference.  When I close my eyes I can still picture the cabin we vacationed in every summer.  When I remember the creaky front screen door, and the long splintery wooden table we sat at for dinner, I can go back to that place where there were no phones, no appointments, no agendas.  We had mom and dad’s undivided attention, and it was on these trips that we really got to spend quality time together.  Dad taught us how to fish in the stream, jump from rock to rock to reach the other side, and toast a marshmallow after having found the perfect toasting stick…

And how awesome that the two little girls pictured above can now make memories with our own kids, in little cabins of our own.  Thanks, Dad.  Happy Father’s Day.  God bless. 🙂